About The Nomad Company

Well as a business we are called The Nomad Company. The name is derived from our constant love of travel and with that travel comes our passion for capturing where we are at the moment. The name is a reflection or representation of who we are, what we do and where we are going both literally and metaphorically. 

So having said that we are a business after all and with that comes the opportunity to serve and create

work with our partners and clients and create some awesome, fresh, vibrant and professional images to be used for personal and/or commercial use anywhere in the world. 

We want to be different. We want our images to stand out. We want to give our clients more than they expected and more than they thought they would get from a photography business. 

The Nomad Company is Steven and Kaye. Both are from the Australian Outback with Steven coming from Broken Hill and Kaye from Alice Springs. Steven is ex Australian military and a private security contractor, both internationally and here in Australia and is the primary photographer within the team. His military and security background has a lot to do with the way Steven takes the photos with a no nonsense, clean, minimalist look to them.  With Kayes background as a school teacher the team delivers a fresh, clean and supportive product with a emphasis on customer service - the old school way.


Our Process

Our aim or mantra is to supply quality, fresh vibrant images to our clients. With a minimalistic feel done in a contemporary way we like to think our images are different, they are new and have some design and style qualities to them. 


Photographing People

Any chance we get we are photographing people. Capturing them do what they do at work or play


Design & Landscape Photography

Creating award winning photos from all over the world is something we love to do over and over again

On-Site Appointments

We are happy to come to you and photograph your home, your family or your workplace. 

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Winning Awards with animals

Capturing animals in their natural habitat is something new to us and we just love it. Winning awards isn't as new. 

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Our Quality Guarantee

Quality assurance (QA) in photography has one purpose — to ensure that photographic production is consistently of high

quality, whether it be a digital file, negative, print,  transparency, or other form.

We have our own guarantee here at The Nomad Company. Simply put if you don't like any of the images we create for you  no matter what the environment or location then we will refund you 100% - end of story. No catches or small print. If the photos that you paid for are not what you paid for then we will simply photograph you again or refund your money 100%. 


At The Nomad Company we’re passionate about making amazing images so we know you will always be happy but it doesnt her for us to give you some quality assurance knowing you don't like what we have created tougher then you have lost nothing, especially in this day and age and the times we live in.  

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