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I have been wanting to sit down and write something about our EOIs and how they operate now, how they will be changing and briefly explain to you how they work so you can maximise the return on your investment. I hope this can be explained easily and you finish reading this knowing exactly what I mean and know exactly what is happening with our EOI range and how they will operate going forward.

What we have currently

Currently we have the standard EOI, or simply the EOI, and our Deluxe EOI which was introduced after the Junior LC Championships. The Deluxe EOI was created as parents were saying to us that we needed a service that was definite or as close to definite as possible. They told us those parents that wanted photos were happy to pre-pay to make sure that the photos they wanted were taken. Up until this point we only had our normal coverage and the standard EOI, which was simply an expression of interest and nothing formal or set in stone. There was no agreement in place and there was no pressure to buy any image at all. We found this kind of service was wasting valuable time, so we didn't replace the standard EOI we simply added an extra service to supersede it if the parent required it.

Going forward with our EOIs.

Now with time and after larger events have been completed, we have found that the standard EOI still has a role to play but those wanting a definite photo captured are now choosing the Deluxe EOI. This also takes the pressure off us a little as if someone decides to take the standard EOI then there is no guarantee and both parties are aware of this.

In the hope more people get the photos they require, we have created the following:

  • Random shooting will still take place with no EOI at all required

  • Standard EOI with no agreement or certainty involved

  • Deluxe EOI so parents can be guaranteed photos. Once captured it will still sit above the standard EOI

  • Deluxe EOI Stroke Specific (or DEOISS) so parents can nominate the actual stroke they prefer to be photographed and again guaranteed

  • Supreme EOI where your child will be photographed doing all of the strokes they are involved in as well as outside pool action like warm-ups and cheering etc.

The main differences here are the Deluxe EOIs are prepaid but they are all guaranteed, meaning if for some reason the photos could not be taken then a full refund is given.

The real issue here is time and spending it wisely on those images that are 100% wanted.

Obviously our commercial and sponsorship obligations will take precendence over our EOIs.

We will still have some issues missing photos dodging officials but having this rank structure means we have certainty and we can concentrate our limited time on those photos we know are already pre-paid and are required 100%. The only other issue is every now and then we get a swimmer who breathes away from the camera permanently no matter how long the race event.... there is nothing we can do about that type of photo.

Our Club EOIs will continue but we will have to find a way that the club gets those photos that are behind the scenes style and make sure there is a significant difference between the Club EOI and the standard EOI.

Having EOIs listed also allows us to see who is ordering regularly and what style of photos they want. It also allows us to know our customers and those parents who support what we are doing which we sincerely appreciate.

I truly hope this has helped you understand how we are trying to spread the load. As you know some events are over in seconds and sometimes we only get enough time to try and capture 2 shots before the swimmer is gone.

Any questions or queries or suggestions we would love to hear them so you can email us at

Thank you

Steven Powell

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