If you have been directed to this page we would like to thank you already. If we have sent you a link to this page we value you as one of our clients and would like to offer you something if you are happy to do us a little favour? Its not blackmail if you freely wish to do it you know


So we really try hard to be a good business. With a military and teacher background we try hard to lead from the front with fresh, vibrant images and decent customer service. We wish to improve in what we do including better customer service and an easier way to work with us. Therefore we decided to have a new page on our website with testimonials from those clients we have made happy with the images we have taken and you have purchased. 

So all we wanted to ask is if you could write a one or two sentence testimonial about us, our service and what made you buy an image of your child from us. We are happy to reward you for that favour for us too. So for every testimonial we get we are going to discount 25% to any photo EOI package you decide to purchase from us in the future. So 25% off a $45 Deluxe EOI or 25% off a $110 Supreme EOI. If you don't use our EOIs or you just prefer our second option its 25% off all prints - whichever you choose. 

Now you can be anonymous if you prefer but if you give us your name only your first name would be used on our page. If you would like to help us out then please fill out the form below, it is that simple and thank you for at the very least taking the time to read through this. If you just prefer not to fill in the testimonial all good - no worries at all. 

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