The Nomad Company simply loves photographing sports, this is our core business. 

We cater for sporting events, all over the country and regularly find ourselves shooting a different sport in a spot we haven't been before. 


Are you in the business of holding events? Perhaps you are a PR firm. Maybe you are an educational institution holding a talk for a guest speaker? Organising a major sporting event or a parent organising a school sports day? Professional photography will help show off all the great work you did, and allow you to document all the little details you’ve spent so much time on.

We have provided our services to many different sporting organisations and state bodies. From major sports such as the AFL, cricket and swimming to rodeos and athletics, we have done it all. We have photographed National and International sporting stars and National TV personalities. We are the current official photographer for Swimming WA and Masters Swimming WA. 

We have a rapid turn-around for getting images out. Need to supply images to the media? No problem! Our experience working for large media clients means we can get the images to where they are needed, when they are needed. No waiting around for weeks to receive your photos.

With over 10 years experience in sports photography, we can help make your next sporting event shine on social media, and give you a wealth of fresh content for you to post and promote your event.

If you are running professional sporting events, then you’ll want a professional sports


The Little Details

If you’ve put a lot of effort into your sports event, making sure every little detail is perfect, you’ll want to capture that. We will capture every little detail. If you’ve got sponsors we'll also make sure to capture their presence at your event. Maybe it’s a company supplying your drinks, or perhaps it’s a corporate sponsor. We won't miss a trick.

Capturing The Mood

The main thing at any event is the people. Photos of your attendees, competitors or athletes having a great time reflect the success of your event.  Natural images showing those having the time of their life is what you will get from us here at The Nomad Company.

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