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Our Little Shop

So we have two books currently in our shop or store but in the next few weeks we will be adding both coasters to purchase and jigsaws of some of our images. Jigsaws have made a real comeback after Covid restricted what people can and cannot do so we've been asked to create a couple and we thought what a great idea.


Coasters have been on our mind for some time so its great to have finally had them created and they will be here within the next fortnight. Our coaster range will grow over the next few months with some of our most popular images on them - it should be awesome and we are so excited about this.

Obviously our prints are all for sale but with so many it is something we will be adding here over time. To start with people can purchase those we know are popular and slowly create an automated purchasing system here so a number of our most popular prints can be purchased directly. 

Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like something of ours to purchase that you do not see here or in our Gallery. Our email address is info@thenomadcompany.com.au