Shooting Swimmers

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Shooting Swimmers is all about taking photographs of swimmers either in their natural more relaxed environment at training in a documentary style genre or under more controlled conditions and shoot them in studio or in natural light in posed portrait or editorial style photos.

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The Story

So we cover all of the swimming in Western Australia for Swimming WA and a number of events for Masters Swimming WA and by doing that we cover a lot of athletes doing their thing in the pool or the Indian Ocean. What we wish to do is capture them doing more of the little things in order to complete the coverage of what they do and why they do it. We want to show more of the human side of our swimmers. Things like preparing for training or trying itself. Chatting with coaches or mentors or a moment to themselves etc. We also want to work more with our swimmers and get some cool portrait style images and really engage with them on a much higher level than just photographing them at the events each year. Add some art work to the swim work. 


We want to engage and create something special - something that captures the art of swimming as well as the human element behind all of those hours. Be great to really show swimming in WA in a different light - add something to the sport here. 


The Capturing

So in order to do all of this we need the co-operation of some of our swimmers. We therefore aim to reach out to some of our swimmers here in Perth and work with them to create this new kind of art work to showcase the sport more dramatically here in Western Australia and indeed Australia generally. 

This process will take place at local beaches, local swimming pools and mostly on weekends in order to create the right vibe and time frame. Currently this will be invite only until we get to work with those swimmers we wish to start this process with and then it will grow and expand from there. 

The swimmers themselves will get access to these photos and be able to share those images as part of their social media portfolio creating a win win situation for The Nomad Company and the individual swimmer. 

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Our Clients

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