Realistic Life is all about taking our photography to the very next level here at The Nomad Company.

What we are doing here is creating images or art or even stories based on real life or even images and stories of a way or life that we want to live or wish we had lived at one point. They could even be a way life we have seen and wished we have lived or even a life you currently live and want it documented professionally. In essence we wish to create images of people living their best life. 

So there are two ways we are doing this. Both ways can be done together of course.

1. We shoot you in our studio here in Gosnells dressed in the uniform or outfit you wish to be photographed in with studio lighting to make the image a professional, vibrant and contemporary one (see our swimmer below) or

2. We shoot outdoors with natural light to create a feeling of being "on the job". For example a soldier in action in the heat of battle or a sportsperson working hard to win that last game.

Realistic Life is about creating an image or artwork that is realistic no matter the life you live or lived.

If you are interested in this unique service please feel free to contact us directly for more information on prices and have a chat about about what we can create together. 

Email us on or call us on 0404 44 0404

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