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Welcome 2024

So we are in the final few ours of 2023 and looking down the barrel of 2024 and we simply can't wait. We hope no matter where you are reading this blog that you to are waiting with anticipation of what it might bring to you and your friends and family. We would love to wish all of our friends, family, clients and present and those prospective clients reading our blog for the first time all of the prosperity, safety, happiness and above all else joy in 2024 - we sincerely wish you all the very very best.

The year 2023 was very good to us here at The Nomad Company so whilst we cant wait for 2024 we thank 2023 for everything it did for us. It introduced us to new people, great new business relationships and enabled us to grow and step outside of that box and develop in other states like never before - we will always be grateful to 2023.

Of course 2023 didn't start very well for use with the hacking scandal that created issues for us chasing our tails a little to fight it and track down those responsible but in the end even that worked out for us with losing only one client in that fiasco and that client simply swallowed the hackers issues hook, line and sinker and showed more about the lack of leadership and vision that it did about us. When we were finally exonerated in August this year we didn't even notify Swimming WA - simply very happy to have nothing to with them ever again.

So because of that hacking issue we were very protective of our new and current clients because we just weren't sure if and when the hackers would do it again. Thankfully after they (the hackers) contacted me telling me that they managed to get  a state organization (Swimming WA) to drop us we contacted Facebook and were exonerated. So because of how easy it was for them to persuade Swimming WA we stopped posting about other clients except those who were also contacted by hackers and knew it was fake including a number of WA Government agencies and City Councils - only Swimming WA fell for it out of 13 clients contacted.

So 2024 will see a change in how we explore our social media accounts - they will be more engaging and more relevant. Please fell free to give us any feedback with regards to what you would like to see on our socials.

We still love covering really well organized swimming events like the Jetty 2 Jetty and Christmas 10k in Perth so we still see some of those friendly faces every now and again.

So 2024 will be quite different for us as we own two other businesses besides The Nomad Company. One is a new clothing brand business called sixblvk so stay tuned for this if you're interested in fresh contemporary and quality clothing like hoodies and t shirts - were pretty excited about it all.

We will be sharing our time a lot more between Perth and Adelaide as well as some time in Sydney in 2024. Being The Nomad Company we have to live up to our name etc.

We are now well geared if we are hacked again so if it comes this time we are ready so we will be back to normal transmission in January 2024.

Thanks to everyone for your comment this year you likes and followings on our pages. Thanks you to all o four clients and of course those people who have spent their hard earn money buying the images we create.

We love what we do and we are very excited to see what we do and who we do it with in 2024.

Happy New Year from Esperance in WA people - all the very best

Steven Powell

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