The Unlearning

Updated: Feb 27

The world is changing and changing fast.

Brexit, which now seems so long ago coupled with the unwinnable election of Trump started to show for me that the old guard was no longer dominant or even prevalent or relevant. People were tired of being told what to do and how to do it. Since then with Covid changing how we all live and making things that seemed like they were here forever change overnight one realises that nothing is certain, nothing must be taken for granted and the rules no longer exist, if ever they really ever did.

Our perception of things and how they exist for us is different to how others may see it but the basics seemed to be there to stay and now we realise they are not. I learnt early serving in the military that things aren't what they seem and most people never get to see the reality of it all no matter where in the world they live.

With Russia attacking Ukraine today and the west powerless to stop it you realise that the world, like nature, is for the strongest to survive. No one can stop an authoritarian power doing what they want unless they risk it all.

Who are we as people, as humans to allow others to suffer and all we give in return is our prayers and to say we're thinking of you? I think when they speak of world leaders they simply utter words of those who managed to sit first when the music stopped. Ive been waiting for a real leader all my life and so far we haven't seen anyone of the character, charisma and intelect to do anything of any real quality.

So having said all of that Ive always pushed boundaries naturally no matter what I have done. from the military to private security contracting and then my own security business I've always extended the boundaries and should have been killed a number of times but got thru it all by adapting and changing and fighting.

So all that said I've decided to head in another direction with my photographic work and my lifestyle. I absolutely love my life and where I live so its not about better but more about doing it better if that makes sense?

Ive always thought I wish I could unlearn some or most of the things I had been taught as a young boy. I wish so many things had never entered my head and now at the age of 58 I want to make sure the rest of my life is more original - more real, more raw and simpler.

Thi graphic reflects how I currently feel in my life and the direction I wish to travel towards generally. 'No Rules' is exactly what it is all about.... we were born with no rules but as a society we introduced rules deemed to be needed for us as a race to sustain itself. For me it's time to think 'no rules', 'no limits' and create your own destiny. Time to unlearn and create fresh, contemporary thinking based on reality and not a perception of someone else's reality that they think may be good for you and the one size fits all mentality. It is why we have so many issues currently - square peg, round hole.

I think Dogma, its definition and its pure existence is now very much in question and Mr Charles Darwin was never been more right. A totalitarian existence is more powerful than any lifestyle movement the west allows to perpetuate and permeate throughout our lives. Soft became the new black.


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