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Hello there and welcome to everyone on our new blog here on our new website at The Nomad Company.

This very first blog on our new website has been created in order to explain our EOIs, why they were created and how they work in relation to the swimming pool work we do at HBF Stadium in Mount Claremont, Perth, WA. We think the system is pretty good but have felt compelled to explain them more clearly so our perspective clients are aware of what they are paying for upfront and what they receive for their hard earned cash, how the pricing structure was created and then the delivery of those photos after the swimming event.

So these were designed after last year's 2020/2021 season. We received a lot of requests from parents wanting to pay to make sure they received photos of their children participating at any of the events we cover. This is where we say we simply cannot guarantee with any photo we take that you will love it - It is all a gamble because your taste and someone's else's tastes are so different. We will attempt to take the best photo possible depending on the light available, the event, the athlete and the stroke but we cannot guarantee the photos will all be award winners and for that reason we cannot refund any of our client simply if they do not like the photos. Please keep this in mind when ordering your EOI.

Obviously it's a great idea and works perfectly well 99% of the time but where it doesn't work so well is expectation. Some people expect more than others and some people less than others, and people want good value for their hard earned money as we all do.

The only real issue or concern with our EOIs and those expectations is the limited amount of time we have. We have only weekends to shoot these meets and within that weekend we have limited hours and limited events with limited swimmers in limited heats with limited lanes. Due to these limitations, we need to make sure those wanting our time by purchasing one of our EOIs are fully aware of what that EOI offers our client and what they can hope to get out of it all, after all it is about getting a great photo of their child from that event - clarity here is the key we think.

The first thing we will explain here is that when a client is booking an EOI they are booking the time slot, the photos are actually free. Once we know a certain swimmer is being photographed, that swimmer is locked in to that time slot and that time slot is now theirs. If we are not advised of a change or cancellation then that time slot stays with the swimmer and the fee (if applicable) stands.

The second thing is these prices are commensurate with their usage restrictions meaning due to the low pricing structure, they are for personal use only and not permitted to be used for any publications, commercial or advertorial, editorial use.

So just quickly here are what our current EOIs offer our clients:

EOI - This is our first and most basic EOI sometimes referred to as our standard EOI. This EOI allows our clients to register their interest in having their child photographed. There is no cost to this EOI and no presumption that the photo will be taken. It's simply an expression of interest that our client would like their child photographed but if it's not possible then that's okay too. This EOI would take precedence in most occasions over someone who has not registered any EOIs with us.

EOI Deluxe - This is our most popular paid EOI. For $45 we make sure your child's photos are taken or 100% money back guarantee. This EOI takes precedence over the standard EOI (above) and gives our client a high resolution image of their child participating in action in the pool unless specifically requested otherwise. Any other photos they may wish to purchase from the same swimming event will be at a cost of $20. This EOI is $45 for the deluxe time slot and the photo are free.

EOI Supreme - This EOI was designed last year after a number of clients/parents wanted a number of images taken either for commercial purposes or American college entry submissions. We knew then that we could not charge parents for current commercial rights as the cost would be problematic, so we made sure we organised a reasonable pricing structure for between 4 and 6 images that could be used for those specific purposes. This EOI is priced currently at $110 and all images are free. This was our highest EOI until we introduced the EOI Supreme plus ( see below)

EOI Supreme Plus - This latest edition is simply an extension of the original EOI Supreme and has been created for those parents who want everything the EOI Supreme gives you plus all races your child is competing in photograhed. This EOI is $185 but covers all of the races on all of the days your child may be competing. Five races over a weekend are guaranteed but we are more than happy to shoot more if possible. These Supreme Plus EOIs are done on first in first served basis in case there is a conflict between the time slots allocated. As with the EOI Supreme the photos are free - its the time slot you are paying for - the certainty.

EOI Club - This EOI is for the Swimming clubs to purchase to get photos of their athletes, coaches, support staff and even parents of the swimmers sporting from the stands etc. This EOI is $155 and covers the entire meet.

Now we have had it put to us that someone paying $110 for a EOI Supreme only gets four images but someone paying nothing may get to choose from 8 images taken of their child. This scenario is true but highly unlikely and those photos are not guaranteed, meaning the child may not be photographed at all and if so they still have to pay for the photos they want. Paying for the two priced EOIs gives you the satisfaction of knowing your child will be photographed. You are paying for the satisfaction and certainty and our money back guarantee 100%. The concern for us as a business is time slot management and that is what these EOIs are based on. There are a number of variables where a non-paying parent may walk away with 2 images that only cost $50 (2 x $25) but that would be pure luck with no guarantees any images would be taken and no time slots allocated.

Having said that we are introducing an editorial, commercial, advertorial EOI where parents can pay to have images that can be used in any format including college applications, school magazines or local newspapers etc. They will share the copyright to those images and be able to use them however they see fit without any approval from The Nomad Company. The new EOI will be called EOI Commercial.

Obviously we are dealing with a lot of moving parts and to some parents these parts cannot be seen and it can seem to them a little strange or unfair but it technically is all correct and works perfectly well. Think of an EOI as a time management function and not an image allocation service. An EOI gives you the money back guarantee and allows you to know you will get photos at the event with a time slot allocated to you.

With the recent success of the EOI Deluxe and the EOI Supreme we get very little time to shoot any standard EOIs anymore so we wanted to make sure our prospective clients knew what they can expect from dealing with us and our EOIs. For more information on how we shoot and what we choose to shoot, check out our FAQs section - it's quite interesting.

The other issue we wished to address is photo selection. When someone orders a EOI Supreme they order the entire package. We cant have situations where our clients are ordering that particular package and then only wanting 3 of the 4 photos and requesting a partial refund - again with the time slot allocated that time slot is owned but that particular EOI Supreme holder. We know its a little bit of a gamble but with our pricing so low it's worth the gamble anyway as some competitors locally and in other states are at $85 per photo. Our cusses rate is very high and if we promise you four photo most of the times you get for very good photos.

Remember just because you don't see a photo on our galleries at the end of each event it doesn't mean it simply wasn't taken. I touch be a number of reasons included camera fault, card reading issues or light focus issues.

Finally we wanted to outline how the EOI Supreme works in relation to image selection. So as part of this EOI you receive between 4 and 8 images. These images are taken when the best time slot is available and once the allocated number of images are taken then we can move on to the next EOI Supreme client. When ordering a EOI Supreme the images are taken when best we can take them to make sure the quality is high enough for our clients to be proud of them. If for example your child is swimming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at an event we wont be shooting all of their races normally. So please don't be disappointed if you only received photos from day 1 and day 3. In some instances we will indeed shoot all of your child's races but only when the circumstances allow it. The EOI Supreme is about getting the right images taken and not about covering every single race the child is participating in. For that we have created the EOI Supreme Plus.

We also cannot cross event our EOI's, meaning if a client has a EOI in one event then any residual numbers of photos cannot overflow into the next event. Each EOI is time slotted fo reach event and ends at that event for a number of commercial and operational reasons.

I guess what we are trying to say here is the EOI works perfectly for what they are designed for. The issue is with so many people now using them and all wanting something different from them it becomes a little difficult.

We have a 100% money back guarantee if we cannot get to the race you paid for - this is 100% guaranteed. We cannot give refunds though if the client simply doesn't like the images taken or the swimmer didn't show for the event. If the event/race is changed or reseeded for some reason out of our clients control then a credit will be given to our client.

Just a reminder also we cant give our clients packages after the event has transpired. So if you would like to get a number of photos of your child then the very best way is a package deal. It is actually more cost effective and guarantees you the photos or your money back. If we take a number of photos of your child and you don't have a package then normal prices apply. The main reason for this is again simply time slot allotment.

One final note is we have been inundated with requests on the last two swimming events. So when applying for a EOI please make sure you follow it up if possible and purchase the photo or photos. We have had too many of the same people asking for EOIs and then not purchasing the images. We don't mind not purchasing as everyone is different but the time slot taken up by someone who continually doesn't purchase our images is a wasted time slot for another parent who would dearly love those photos taken of their child. Hope that makes sense?

Our services is 100% guaranteed This means that if we don't get to the event/race in time and you've paid for it then no questions asked your money is returned.

If you have any queries about our EOIs or even any suggestions then please feel free to drop us a line at - love to hear from you.


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