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Updated: Apr 4

So we love our EOIs - it connects us with our clients and those parents that want photos of their child swimming in the Swimming WA events we cover at HBF Stadium.

Currently we have a number of EOIs for parents and a couple of EOIs for Clubs - we think it covers everything 100%.

From today (1st January 2022) the EOIs will be as follows -

EOI Standard

EOI Single (added 4th April 2022)

EOI Deluxe

EOI Stroke

EOI Supreme

EOI Gold

EOI Club

EOI Team

So from today (13th February 2022) all other EOI designations are no longer valid and the current details, listed below, will take effect.

EOI explained

So an EOI is simply an Expression Of Interest in wanting photos of your child taken at the event we are attending.

So if you would like some photos taken of your child at an event we cover you simply look for the EOI that best suits your needs and you fill it out and we will take care of the rest. Once we've received your EOI we ill log it on our system and on the day of the event cover that EOI and make sure your photos are captured. You can then simply pop onto our website and find your photo/s and let us know which ones you want and we then email them to you.... thats it - its simple. ( in time we hope to have a system where you simply log in and download the images you want - its coming). Until then grab the image number and email it to us...... we will then simply grab that high resolution image for you and email it back to you.... transaction complete. All of our EOIs come with the high resolution version of the image and no the asocial media low resolution version.

One little thing we wanted to mention is that any photos promised as part of any EOI can be taken from any race or even the same race. The more info we have on what you want is great, we just don't want people assuming if there are 4 or even 8 races there will be a photo from each race or the stroke they prefer. We hope you can trust us to do the very best each and every time. We simply cannot guarantee you will get the stroke you want but we will make sure we do our best to get it for you taking into account the circumstances like race length, stroke and availability etc. We do need all of the race details in order to achieve this however. So the race/event number, the heat number and lane number please.

Prints are also available and are very popular at the moment. These prints obviosuly cost us to get them printed and are not part of any EOI. The EOI you book is for the time slot for the photogrpaher to take the images - the actual images are free.

EOI Standard - This is our first and most basic EOI. This EOI allows our clients to register their interest in having their child photographed. There is no cost to this EOI and no presumption that the photo will be taken. It's simply an expression of interest that our client would like their child photographed but if it's not possible then that's okay too. This EOI would take precedence on most occasions over someone who has not registered any EOIs with us.

EOI Single - This is our newest EOI for parents or athletes that simply want a single photo of themselves but not action shots but portrait style with medals or with their parents or their children or with friends etc. We have been approached a number or times at meets and the only option was the $45 Deluxe so we thought lets create something simply and let the price reflect that. This EOI is $25.

EOI Deluxe - This is our most popular paid EOI. For $45 we will cover your child and make sure there is at least one photo taken from the event/race your child is participating in. This EOI takes precedence over the EOI Standard listed above and gives our client a high resolution image of their child participating in action in the pool unless specifically requested otherwise. Any other photos they may wish to purchase from the same swimming event will be at a cost of $20. This EOI is $45 for the deluxe time slot and the photo that accompanies this EOI is free - you, as our client, are booking time an don't paying for an image.

EOI Stroke - This EOI was designed for people that want a specific stroke photographed and nothing else. This EOI allows us to know exactly what stroke the parent/swimmer once photographed and edited. This EOI is currently $85 and 2 photos are sent to the clients once completed.

EOI Supreme - This EOI was designed in 2020 after a number of clients/parents wanted a number of images taken either for commercial purposes or American college entry submissions. We knew then that we could not charge parents for current commercial rights as the cost would be problematic, so we made sure we organised a reasonable pricing structure for the images that could be used for those specific purposes. This EOI is priced currently at $110 and all images are free. This EOI normally delivers between 3 to 5 photos for the client but sometimes more, sometimes less.

EOI Gold - This latest edition is simply an extension of the original EOI Supreme but we have added a whole lot of smaller things that make this sparkle like gold. So every event your child is in will be photographed. If your child is at medal presentation then that will be photographed too. Your child will also receive a portrait style photo with a white background on pool deck no matter if they have medalled or not. This EOI also allows our clients to request after sales support with different editing techniques like black and white conversions and corrections. Family photos are also included in this package if Mum and Dad wish to be photographed with their child/children.

Please remember that the higher EOI (Gold for example) would override the Supreme EOI if the athletes are racing in the same heat. The Supreme would override the Stroke EOI etc etc. Please make sure to take this into account when selecting your EOI.

EOI Club - This EOI is for the Swimming clubs to purchase to get photos of their athletes, coaches, support staff and even parents of the swimmers supporting from the stands etc. This EOI is $155 and covers the entire meet.

EOI Team - This EOI is for the Swimming clubs to purchase to get photos of their athletes, coaches, support staff and even parents of the swimmers supporting from the stands etc. it also includes team photos throughout the event. This EOI is $225 and covers the entire meet.

When filling in your EOI please make sure you fill in all of those details we require. We must have heat and lane numbers as we pre-position ourselves to be there before the race and not knowing what heat and lane would make that very hard to do. Without heat or lane numbers we cannot guarantee any images can be taken.

If any event is cancelled for any reason then a full refund will be given.

The EOI books a time slot and all of the photos that accompany that EOI are free. Once that time slot has been booked and used then the funds accompanying that time slot are considered expired. If we cannot get to a particular race for any unforeseen circumstances then a refund will be issued. If photos are taken but parents cannot find their photos, change their mind or simply don't like the photo then a refund cannot be given unfortunately. Refunds cannot be given if complete details are not given like lane or heat numbers.

We will always try our hardest to not only get a photo of your child but make sure to get a really good photo of your child. If however you cannot risk the funds then please do not register a EOI with us. We simply wish to be up front with our business model. We need to book in time slots and once those slots have been taken then they are gone and cannot be used for any other client/parent etc. By the nature of hat we do we cannot guarantee amazing images each time. Thing like the lane, the event, the light, accessibility and our availability all affect what we do so if you require a guarantee please do not purchase one of our EOIs - we don't like to disappoint.

To make things easier if you think you cannot get all of the details to us (because it is so important for us to have) we would strongly recommend you do not fill in an EOI to avoid disappointment in either not having any photos taken or at the very least average photos taken.

Country Pennants or any event not held at HBF without the electronic scoreboard may be more difficult. If the event is cancelled then a full refund is given. If we are not provided the details we need to take the photos then unfortunately refunds cannot be given considering the travel, time and loss of any other possible EOI. Please make sure we are forwarded all event details including any and all relay details. Please make sure this is okay with you before registering an EOI with us.


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