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Updated: Sep 15

So we have just completed both of the 2021 Short Course events and it was a resounding success for us thanks to you. The Hancock Prospecting States held in August and more recently the SC Junior Championships held in early September - both went well for us and our client base.

Short course is always a little harder to photograph with the pool blocked off half way and the quick turn around in shorter events. It can make it difficult to fulfil some EOIs with 3 clients in the one race and not the time to take good quality images in such events, especially if we have specific stroke requests. .

As with all events and new products we learn from the previous event and that's exactly what the last two events have done for us. We want our business to excel and serve those who put their trust in us to get the photos they want. For that very reason we have created the EOIs and the variables in those EOIs to serve a number of things including budgetary issues, race numbers ( the amount of races a swimmer is in), commercial agreements we have, parents with numerous swimmers in events and multiple swimmers in the same events as well as the very short events where we may only get to shoot the swimmer once, possibly twice for the entire weekend.

So with that said we are going to introduce even more variables to assist those parents who either want more certainty from the weekend or those parents who wish to pay less in the hope they can get something from only 1 event their child is in.

So as we stand now there will be 6 EOIs for people to choose from. We hope that by adding these new EOIs, parents will be able to find one to suit their needs. I will say here, and I cannot stress this enough, the high end packages are the ones to purchase if you really want or need the photos, they take priority. Obviously the rank structure and priority is from the top down in pricing purely based on the packages content and what they aim to deliver to the client. If you purchase an EOI Deluxe, for example, there is about a 60% chance of having the photo delivered. With a Supreme there is 85% chance and with the Supreme Plus there is 95% chance.

Currently, simply due to the popularity of the EOI Supreme and EOI Supreme Plus, we recommend that if you want a photo of your child and do not wish to be disappointed then do not rely on the EOI standard.

All of our EOIs have a 100% refund policy. This policy means that if we do not get to the event your child is in and therefore do not photograph your child, then you will get a 100% refund - no questions asked - this is guaranteed. This guarantee does not extend to people changing their mind once the time slot/event has been allocated or parents simply don't like the photos..... the event is time slotted to the client and therefore is owned by the client. Once the photos are taken then there is no refund permitted.

We cannot guarantee stroke selection either sorry. We will try if we know a certain stroke is preferred but simply cannot guarantee it.

Please be mindful when selecting your EOI that it fits your situation. By that we mean we wouldn't recommend you picking a Supreme EOI Plus and wanting a range of images if your child is only in one or two events and from those two events the client wants 10 great images. Simply not possible.

So as it now stands these are our EOIs.

Standard EOI or just EOI

EOI Plus

EOI Deluxe

EOI Supreme

EOI Supreme Plus

EOI Gold

EOI explained

Firstly, all of the conditions listed below only pertain to the EOIs lodged before 0800 on the day of the event. Any EOI received after 0800 will be accepted but no refunds given.

One little thing we wanted to mention is that any photos promised as part of any EOI can be taken from any race or even the same race. We welcome remarks in the comments section so we know what you prefer (backstroke only for example) when the EOI is submitted, the more info we have on what you want is great, we just don't want people assuming if there are 4 or even 8 races there will be a photo from each race or the stroke they prefer written in the comment section is guaranteed. We hope you can trust us to do the very best each and every time.

EOI - This is our first and most basic EOI sometimes referred to as our standard EOI. This EOI allows our clients to register their interest in having their child photographed. There is no cost to this EOI and no presumption that the photo will be taken. It's simply an expression of interest that our client would like their child photographed but if it's not possible then that's okay too. This EOI would take precedence on most occasions over someone who has not registered any EOIs with us.

EOI Plus - This a new EOI and has been designed to sit snuggly in between our standard EOI and the EOI Deluxe for those people who are happy to pay a smaller fee for a photo for 1 or 2 events only. The only difference is, with this EOI being cheaper, it is non refundable. If your child is in only 1 event, maybe 2 then this is the EOI for you. It is basically been added to give those parents who have not been able to complete a EOI a chance at having photos taken,

EOI Deluxe - This is our most popular paid EOI. For $45 we make sure your child's photos are taken or 100% money back guarantee. This EOI takes precedence over the two EOIs listed above and gives our client a high resolution image of their child participating in action in the pool unless specifically requested otherwise. Any other photos they may wish to purchase from the same swimming event will be at a cost of $20. This EOI is $45 for the deluxe time slot and the photo that accompanies this EOI is free.

EOI Supreme - This EOI was designed last year after a number of clients/parents wanted a number of images taken either for commercial purposes or American college entry submissions. We knew then that we could not charge parents for current commercial rights as the cost would be problematic, so we made sure we organised a reasonable pricing structure for the images that could be used for those specific purposes. This EOI is priced currently at $110 and all images are free. This EOI normally delivers between 3 to 5 photos for the client but sometimes more, sometimes less. This was our highest ranking EOI until we introduced the EOI Supreme plus (see below).

EOI Supreme Plus - This is an extension of the original EOI Supreme and has been created for those parents who want everything the EOI Supreme gives you plus all races your child is competing in photographed. This EOI is $185 but covers all of the races on all of the days your child may be competing. Five races over a weekend are guaranteed but we are more than happy to shoot more if possible. These Supreme Plus EOIs are done on first in first served basis in case there is a conflict between the time slots allocated. As with the EOI Supreme the photos are free - it's the time slots you are paying for - the certainty.

EOI Gold - This latest edition is simply an extension of the original EOI Supreme Plus but we have added a whole lot of smaller things that make this sparkle like gold. So every event your child is in will be photographed. If your child is at medal presentation then that will be photographed too. Your child will also receive a portrait style photo with a white background on pool deck no matter if they have medalled or not. This EOI also allows our clients to request after sales support with different editing techniques like black and white conversions and corrections. Family photos are also included in this package if Mum and Dad wish to be photographed with their child/children.

EOI Club - This EOI is for the Swimming clubs to purchase to get photos of their athletes, coaches, support staff and even parents of the swimmers supporting from the stands etc. This EOI is $155 and covers the entire meet.

Any queries or suggestions then please let us know - love to hear from you. Our email is


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