We love Australia and everything Australian at The Nomad Company and for that very reason we have decided to offer our volunteer Lifesavers, SES and our volunteer Firefighters a substantial discount on all of our services for the foreseeable future. So if any member of a Surf Life Saving Club or Volunteer Fire Fighting Brigade or SES member requires any photographic work in the future then they will receive from us a 15% discount on weddings, birthdays parties, family portraits, functions of any kind etc etc etc. This special extends to the member who serves and his/her immediate family. This also extends to the club or brigade that the member belongs to or serves with a further 5% discount for clubs making it 20% saving in total. 

We are experienced high end photographers with images that are above your standard point and shoot style beach photography that  you might seen normally.

The Idea? We are always photographing Life Savers each weekend with the events we attend for Swimming WA or the WA Surf Boats and thought why not offer these Aussie legends something to say 'thank you'. Being an Army veteran I often thought of something for the locals who give up their own time with the SES or the local Fire brigade or life saving  etc. 

If you would like any further information on this service then please feel free to contact us directly at info@thenomadcompany.com.au

We say thank you to you all!