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We already work at a number of state and national events and this service or extension is simply a 'value add' for our current clients to assist in growth and event recognition nationally and internationally throughout the correct use of social media. It also assists with possible manpower shortages and eases the workload on event organisers.

It also enables your event to be seen or engaged with by a wider audience and all in real time. 

The Service

How It Works

So until now we have attended the events we cover for our clients and worked very hard at making sure our clients receive what they require from our photographic coverage. We will of course continue to do this - we deliver exactly what our clients need from our event coverage and this is very important to us to make sure they get what they require​ and more. 

So this new media service is simply us value adding what we do with the allowed time we have at the even tho do it. Some events we cover are only 6 or 8 hours long and some at 8 days so it's always different. This service is all about making sure our clients not only get what they want photographically but extending that service with the same amount of time we are at the event to cover things like video, Instagram posts, social media management, interviews and generally a more vibrant and engaging media content - and most importantly its immediate - its now! This new service also includes VIP and crowd engagement coverage with interviews and photos of those at your event.

This is important to for a number of reasons. Firstly our clients are already paying for our service so for a little bit more of an investment they receive a totally new service - saving hundreds on dollars - if not thousands on the larger events. No need for a marketing, PR or advertising team when we can do the exact same thing and from a closer perspective - being event specialists and we can do it on the spot - within seconds and not hours or days. Secondly having us do all of the work is very time saving - one contractor doing everything you want and need - it's a time saving initiative. Thirdly we can utilise our experience and event knowledge to delivery things the current event organiser may not have thought of. With so many events we do and so much travel covering those events we can spread ideas from one event to the next. This is important for growth and being able to freshen ups what you did from last year.

This new exciting and progressive initiative can also include drone work for your event - both stills and video. 

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