Would you like to be shot from above? Would you like to have some images of you swimming that no one else has? Would you like high resolution photos that could be made into a poster of you swimming taken from above in any stroke you like or even multiple strokes? We are planning to do something never done in Western Australia before. 

The Plan:

So we are booking a lane of our own at the Armadale Aquatic Centre for four hours and we are inviting swimmers to be photographed. This is invitation only. We are then hiring a 5 metre a boom machine so we hang over that pool and in the air so we can shoot down on the pool and our swimmers. All you have to do is swim for us.

The shoot will be on a Saturday morning and start at 0800 so we have the best access to those swimmers we have invited to attend given work commitments, school and access to the pool etc. 

What you will get:

So for $115 you will receive all of the images we take on the morning of you swimming. They will be fully edited and of a high resolution enough to be made into posters if you so wish. 

Secondly the images will then be used by The Nomad Company commercially and if any of the images are used by any commercial outlet you will receive 1/3 of the sale price no matter the cost of the commercial image. 


Thirdly if any of the images come out the way we think they will come out, a selected few will be placed into the national AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) annual sports photography awards and any prize money will be shared with you. 

If you have been sent this invitation and you wish to be part of something different then please let us know as soon as possible as the spots are extremely limited.

If you have been invited by The Nomad Company to participate in the first shoot between 0800 and 1000 then it is free of charge. 

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