Commercial Policy

Commercial use of an image would be reproducing it in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or monetary compensation. ... Using images on or in anything that is created with the intention of making a profit would be considered commercial use. 

Under Australian law, Copyright owners (the photographer) have the exclusive right to:  reproduce the work; make the work public for the first time; and communicate the work to the public.

Copyright Owners also have the rights to license the use of their works, in return for a “valuable consideration”. Whilst this most often refers to a financial payment, it can also refer to a bartering arrangement where goods and services are exchanged. Unless an exception detailed in the Copyright Act is applicable, other parties (people or companies) will require permission (i.e. a license) to use copyright material in ways reserved as the exclusive rights of the Copyright owner.

So basically we use some images for commercial consideration. These images are usually images we have created and/or manipulated but can simply be images edited and enhanced. When required we do make reasonable attempts to obtain permission to use photos in the commercial sector of our business. 

If the image we use is of a minor we always seek the written approval of the parents.

How can you license our photographs or images?

There are a number of ways to sell and license our photographs and images. Here are the most common options or levels of license we have:

  • Full ownership rights: This allows your client to do as they please with your photographs. Including reproduce as often as they like; use commercially; use to advertise goods and services; alter and edit; and on-sell the photographs.

  • Restricted use license: This restricts your client’s use of the photographs in some way. For example, no reproductions are allowed; only a restricted number of reprints is allowed; or reprints and enlargements only to be purchased through you.

  • Specific use license: This specifies the permitted uses of the photographs. For example, for T-shirts, greeting cards, calendars, books or mouse pads; on billboards or business cards; for company advertising or branding; or personal use only is allowed.

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