Steven Powell


Steven was born in the Australian outback in Broken Hill, NSW. He started school at the back of Burke in a small town called Wanaaring. 

Steven's background is military (Australian Army) and high-end security (private security contractor), working all over Australia and overseas. Steven enjoyed the serious nature of military and security related work, working with disaster relief and natural disasters. This kind of experience works very well for him with his photography and it is where it all started. Steven is a security expert working with companies such as Brinks Australia and Armaguard with CIT and armed robbery management as well as counter terrorism awareness. He has appeared as a security expert on numerous Australian TV shows including A Current Affair, Sunday Program, Today Tonight and SBS Insight twice.

Steven is the primary photographer at The Nomad Company and is a minimalist which reflects in his photographic work. He runs the business with his partner Kaye Mason. He doesn't like fuss so his photos are usually clinically clean and lack messy background interference.

Steven travels a lot. International or domestic, he is forever looking to head somewhere he has never seen or re-visit some of his favourite spots. Steven has lived in every state in mainland Australia.

Kaye Mason

Kaye was born in Millicent in South Australia but spent most of her formative years in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. The landscape of the outback sparked an appreciation of the beauty of this wonderfully diverse country of ours.


Kaye’s background is in secondary school teaching. She enjoys meeting new people and generates a warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere to help create your desired outcome.


Kaye also loves to travel, it’s in her blood. The sheer wonder of seeing and experiencing new destinations for the first time, leaves her in awe. To share local and international destinations and hidden gems, gives her great satisfaction and pleasure.


My three favourite styles of photography include taking some amazing photos whilst travelling, capturing those awesome action shots at all the events we cover and of course the artistic genre or portrait photography. 

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IMG_0204a copy.jpg


I love to create and with portraits there is no end to the type and style of creativity in every shoot.


I could travel for the rest of my life and live that nomadic lifestyle in the back of a van and take photos.


We do more events than any other genre and thats for a reason - we love them. We do all events! 

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T- 0404 44 0404

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