The Iconic

there is water at the bottom of the ocean

Have you ever wanted to do something just a little different? Well so have we so now we are and we need you. We are going to create some iconic Australian images with our swimmers and lifesavers doing what they do in and around the Indian Ocean. So if you are interested let us know and we will explain more - best of all its free. 


The Iconic - details

We wish to create fresh, vibrant, contemporary photos when we are in the mood for something different, something 'out there'.  We wish to replicate race day but under controlled conditions and the photoshoot may take an hour or it may run over a couple of days or even weeks with times agreed to by both parties (us and you). We would also like to create some artwork during these shoots of swimmers doing what they do but under controlled conditions out of the sun and away from the glare and the harsh light etc - more of a commercial grade style of photo work.

So this shoot is completely free. The shoot is not only free but we are happy to also present you with two of the hi res images of your choice to keep as a thank you for taking part. The images themselves will be used by The Nomad Company to promote its services and enter local, state and national competitions and show off to the swimming world what can be done with some genuine love and interest for swimming and great art work. We want to do something different and something people will be talking about - create a healthy buzz. 

We are also more than happy to take photos of you that you would like taken. If you have an idea you have always wanted to try or a style you would like tried we are more than happy to work with you and see what we come up with together. 

Limited to five swimmers only -  we wish to create a small group of swimmers that we work with to create these iconic images. If you have been sent an invitation then you are one of the swimmers we have selected. Love to have you work with us on this project if you are keen. 

The general feeling about these photos is they will be elite or limited edition with the intention of making a mark on the swimming world here in WA and then Australia more broadly. This service will only be offered to a selected few for free and will then be offered to anyone wanting to utilise the service for a fee.